Education Advocacy, International
  • CONSULTATIONS … for the families of Children With Special Needs, regardless of geographic location, provided either in person or via conference call, web conferencing, web cast or e-mail.  For parents who simply need an experts feedback or recommendations about Special Education classes or services, the obligations and limitations of the public school education system and when appropriate, referrals to other agencies who may assist with a child’s academic.
  • DIRECT SERVICE FOR FAMILIES … for the families with Children With Special Needs Children, when there is a concern about whether the appropriate services have been offered and provided by the public school district within which the child resides.

Professional Advocate is retained and begins the organization of important documents, timeline and calls to important  necessary to confirm that a clear-cut case requiring these, often urgent, requests is in order.

Districts and Families may choose to, mutually agree (and share fees) to retain the services of a Professional Advocate to make the chances that the Resolution Process, (that which precedes Mediation), may more likely be successful.

  • The Families of Children with Special Needs developed around an individualized convenience-directed calendar to incorporate the schedules of parents in Central Northern, and Southern California, or out-of-state.
  • Professionals who work in city, county or state agencies, that frequently must take the broad spectrum of behaviors, consequences and outcomes of Children with Special Needs, into consideration as decisions about the future of those children lies in their hands.

These influential professionals may include judges and public defenders and case workers in the juvenile justice system, social workers who must are in the position to make dependency recommendations for children on their case list, particularly those who have in their care foster or homeless children.

Workshops are typically designed around a weekend when the decision makers can confirm availability.

When requested, the appropriate documents will be filed to confirm Continuing Education Units for those who attend.


  • WORKSHOPS … for parents who struggled through school, themselves, and continue to experience extreme discomfort when called to the principal’s office.  (Because Learning Disabilities and many mental health challenges are hereditary…)
  • Workshops designed in consideration for these parents’ learning styles, a learning specialist provides workshop strategies using a multimodal, interactive learning experience.
  • County agencies may arrange for this workshop; another FMG workshop that is mindful of parents’ personal schedules regarding working hours and family obligations.  Trainer readily arranges a workshop series around interested families feedback, to reflect the majority of the majority of schedules.

Monthly multi-modal page will soon appear on this website, making it

possible for parents to hear, see and respond to new information about their Learning Disabled or Learning Different Child.

Video-taped workshops can be provided to families for review, or if some participants are unable to attend each workshop session.          


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